Wednesday, April 25, 2012

makes you step your game up for sure

Associated Content: "...The name The Few was virtually unfindable online. In today's music world, that just doesn't fly. We decided to go ahead and change the name last December. The guys were in a band and I was the singer for a different one and we played shows together for a few years. My band broke up. They lost their singer at around the same time. The rest is history...Made our live show stronger. Playing with such professional bands makes you step your game up for sure. It also helped us make some pretty amazing contacts which I hope will help in the future...I get that a lot being a female singer in a band. I think if I were to describe the sound it would be alternative dance rock. We draw influence from Muse, The Killers, Metric, Bjork, etc...We've gotten great reception to it. It's funny because the songs that are people's favorites are not the ones we assumed they would be..." (Oh No Fiasco Drew Influences from Muse and Bjork)

With their eclectic sound of dance rock and and a stage show that will make every hair on your body stand on end, Oh No Fiasco is an emerging light of the new sounds to come. After an extensive touring throughout 2010 from Florida to Michigan touring and playing with the likes of Finger 11, Train, Owl City, Sevendust, 10 years, Red, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Framing Hanley, and Saliva among many others, Oh No Fiasco has emerged stronger than ever with a new name and bringing on brand new tour dates for 2011. Fueled by the quick success of their first single, “Where You Used To Be,” the band is on the verge of releasing their debut album this spring. Formed by vocalist Lindsey Stamey, guitarist Seth Rowlette, bassist Thomas Boyd, and brothers Colin and Kamryn Cunningham, drummer and keyboardist–Oh No Fiasco, formerly known as The Few, have created one of the biggest surprise efforts to come out of Knoxville, Tennessee. “This is the most powerful project that I’ve ever been a part of,” Stamey explains, adding that the band is an evolution of their past experiences and their desire for new ones. And with new experiences comes an entirely new enticing sound that leaves dancers, head bangers, and wallflowers alike salivating. Drawing influences from bands like Muse, Mew, Circa Survive, Massive Attack, and Of Montreal, Oh No Fiasco create an intimate yet energy charged experience for listeners. “Their music is a refreshing blend of two unbelievable bands. The music this band produces in the future will be worth looking out for.” – Metro Pulse Knoxville, TN Never lacking in explosive live shows, Oh No Fiasco has plans to make 2011 a fiasco (About Us).

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