Friday, March 23, 2012

How to fight bullying

  • Always think positive – it is “not your fault” that you are being bullied.
  • Always think that you don’t have to face the bullying alone.
  • Tell someone about the bullying and be assertive.
  • Tell yourself not to be reactive – “walk away” if you can.
  • Do not fight the bullying with the same, remember that you don’t want to be like them.
  • Do not laugh or be a silent witness to bullying, If you witness a bullying report it immediately.
  • Do not blame the bully or the victim, gather as much information and report it to the authority.
  • Do not dwell on the past, instead think of what you can do to stop the bullying.
  • Do not fight bullying by means of forgetting the problems with alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not embark into violent or aggressive behaviors to fight back.
  • Remember that bullying is mostly mind games that is always plays with one’s fear.
  • Remember that the bully might exagerate, create stories, manipulate events to threaten or induce fear.
  • Remember that bullying is a crime and you don’t want to be a criminal.
  • Know the warning signs of being the victim or the bully.
  • Know the cause of bullying, lack of empathy was one common reason.
  • Teach your family or loveones about bullying and educate them about the consequence of this behavior.
  • Calmness, common sense and physical activity are effective strategy in fighting bullying.
  • Increase awareness of your sorrounding and make a note of events and what is your feeling
For more information about bullying visit the following web-sites:

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Bullying is an abusive treatment, the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when habitual and involving an imbalance of power. It may involve verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion and may be directed persistently towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability. The "imbalance of power" may be social power and/or physical power. The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a "targeted individual" (Wikipedia).