Tuesday, March 13, 2012

they believed in the song

benkharakh: "Honestly, it was just a genuine interest from the organization. We did pick our first single, as we discussed previously, Face Down, before we even signed. We had already released it in 2004 and we got a really great vibe from it. All the people in the southeastern, basically the very very southeastern United States, and by that I mean Florida and Alabama, knew the song, had already known the song for a long time. We got the same deal when we released the song Face Down, kids were like “I don’t want the song to be big; I don’t want anybody to know about it.” But you know what? It went big, and everybody knows about it, and everybody’s happy. And it changed a lot of people’s lives because of it. And how do I know that? Because they told me that. They told me that in emails and they told me that in person. So sometimes you can’t fight that stuff. You just have to go with it. But, regardless, they came to us because they said people were calling them. And they said they believed in the song, they supported it, and they were really excited because they hadn’t had such a response from the youth, ever, I guess in the history of the organization. And they were just really excited about it, they were like “who are you guys? What are you all about?” And we told them, “We definitely want to hook up with you guys.” So we did a little event for them in New York where we performed the song acoustically, which is something we do very rarely. And then we devised a plan to put a t-shirt for sale with the actual handwritten lyrics on it. And it’s the only shirt that we sell, for a reason, with our lyrics on it, although we know how important the lyrics are to a lot of people. We only sell this shirt with the lyrics on it because we want them to buy this shirt, because the money from this shirt has basically, every single time that it’s sold for $10 exactly, not a penny more, not a penny less, gone straight to the organization via us. So basically we devised a way for our fans to donate to NCDV. And so far we have raised over $20,00 for them. Honestly, it’s not something that we can take credit for, it’s our fans, but either way it’s really awesome, I think. And again something that never would have happened if we had listened to certain people who never wanted us to release that song." (Ronnie Winters, Front Man of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus).

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American rock band that formed in Middleburg, Florida. The music video for the first single from the EP - "Choke", was premiered at purevolume.com on August 25, 2010 in support of the EP's release. It was part one of a three-part series, followed by "Don't Hate" and "Hell or High Water." It shows characters killing record executive-type personnel, running from the police, and then dying in the final video. The moral was violence never solves anything. In November 2010, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus entered the studio to record their third full length album, Am I the Enemy, finishing in December 2010 with producer John Feldmann. The album's first single, "Reap," was released via YouTube on March 24, although the song itself will not be released to iTunes until April 26. During March 2011 the band announced they will be departing on a UK tour alongside Scottish Post-Hardcore band Yashin and UK rockers LYU (Wikipedia).


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